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Gut Instincts: Natural Digestion and GI Health Course

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Gut Instincts: Natural Digestion and GI Health Course shows you how to restore and maintain your pet’s GI system with a combination of Western Veterinary Science and holistic techniques. Through a series of educational videos and downloadable resources, this effective and safe program will help you restore, protect, and maintain your pet’s gut health system. This course includes:
  • Gut Health Guide eBook
  • 4 training videos with Dr. Ruth
  • Rotation diet recipes
  • Food reintroduction worksheets
  • Restoring gut health educational slides
  • The Ultimate Gut Health Supplement Guide
  • Access to our private The Original CrockPET Diet™ community
  • The Original CrockPet Diet Ebook
  • The Original CrockPet Diet Cooking videos & other goodies!
If you are searching for solutions to your pet’s gut health problems, look no further: Get started today on the road to your pet’s best health.